Don’t lie. You thought the exact same thing.

Don’t lie. You thought the exact same thing.


*watches a group of Jimmy John’s employees stomp over to the Wendy’s across the street like a bunch of toughs*


Tonight, there’s unfinished business to be settled in this week’s Lameplay Theater update as more Crew Episodes are conquered in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and Side Missions looking to be completed in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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The male and female Robin.

The male and female Robin.

A Shoot on The Internet and The WWE



Wrestling rumors are distractions, and the WWE doesn’t use these rumors intelligently.

Either the WWE needs to keep a much stronger lock on their secrets so that these rumors don’t develop into something insane or they should more effectively play with the audience’s expectations, use social media to their advantage to tell good stories unique to the wrestling medium.

Not just bait us for higher ratings.

Who saw that Sting Tweet and added their rating to RAW?

Did an unexpected sea of Sting fans rush to USA tonight?

The people who read that Tweet are already going to watch RAW anyway.

And, if not, and this particular RAW did see a massive spike in ratings, are those people who tuned in only to find out that Sting is a video game pre-order bonus suddenly going to want to buy the WWE Network? Or even WWE 2K15?

There are those who will argue that it is the fault of those gullible WWE fans for allowing themselves to get excited, for allowing themselves to have faith.

It’s your own fault these sick bastards Tweet and comment, these sad, black-hearted, pitiful children who think an internet connection and an incredibly flawed comprehension of their native language and their inarticulate gut-reactions means they have a right to express their ill-formed, pitiful excuses for opinions.

It’s your own fault! Calm down! Shut up! these lowly pustules go on and on, shouting in the dark internet ether, desperate to be heard, existing in a perfect blend of stupidity and self-righteousness, completely unaware that their very existence continues to launch the human race into a dismal, dark age.

Suggesting that fans are stupid to get excited about something they love or want to happen is quite possibly the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

It’s like telling a child they’re stupid to believe in Santa Clause on Christmas morning. Mid-present-opening. And then slapping that child in the face and asking that child to pay you ten dollars a month for your digital streaming service.

Sure, Santa Clause doesn’t exist.

Yeah, there probably isn’t a bearded man in the sky ensuring that there’s harmony in the universe, and that good people get rewarded and that bad people get punished.

Yup, we have no clue what’s actually going to happen when the lights go out on this small, insignificant planet.

But we do know good things can happen.

We do know that good is good.

We do know that innocence and hope and imagination are genuinely beneficial to our lives, and that even if these qualities of existence are inevitably tainted, their significance, in the moment of bliss itself, in the moment of hope itself, is not rendered meaningless when reality does strike. In fact, those qualities are made all the more significant when a transformation finally occurs.

It’s in the struggle of recognizing reality and truth that human beings ascend to something greater.

To always be in a place of dejection or a place of hopelessness is to accept a stagnant existence that is fundamentally at odds with reality.

We need our hope, and in celebrating the mere possibility of CM Punk’s return or Sting’s appearance on RAW we reveal something innocent, pure, and wholly good about our human spirit.

And every time we manage to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and go on with our lives in the face of this disappointment, we demonstrate our resolve and our strength in character.

And our willingness to be good.

I get that it’s annoying to hear people complain when they don’t get what they want. I get that it’s fun to complain about people complaining.

But there are those who do not seem to understand that when they write their comments from an “I told you so” perspective, they lose focus of their actual issue, and turn it into something terrible.

Anti-smark-smarks who purposefully stomp on the brief, momentary happiness of others are not only weak, delusional freaks…they’re liars.

Because they hope too.

They dream too.

They crave and desire and imagine just as much as anyone else.

It is in their desire to feel superior that they sacrifice their humanity. Their desire to be better leads them into a world where preparing for the worst, accepting the worst, even celebrating the absolute worst in everything is normal and good.

Sadly, the internet convinces these people that being cynical, that being negative, that thinking “you’re stupid to get excited about this” or “I told you so!” is the higher form of thought and maturity.

It is not.

It is as childish as blind faith. Only nothing useful ever comes of it.

For the resolutely cynical, there is no transformation from innocence to experience.

There is only darkness, trapped in a cancerous cocoon for all time.

Full RAW REVIEW HERE: http://thegoodworker.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-raw-review-71414.html




i need a cm punk retrieval arc on raw 

ohheyitsoverclock vegeto247

*throws papers in air*


Well, I hope they’re proud of themselves.

They done it.

They broke me.




I think the best thing about Sting being announced as the Pre-Order bonus for WWE 2K15 was exactly that: he’s the Pre-Order bonus for WWE 2K15. Everyone in the crowd got super hyped as soon as they saw all the Sting related stuff, then HEY. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME YOU FOOLS

And they immediately started booing. XD


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whenever I say YOOOOOOO this is exactly what I’m imagining

This is the exact YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I use

Same oh god i thought it was just me


Fire Emblem fans after today’s Sm4sh reveals.

I freely admit to often shitting on Randy Orton (and not in the ironic sense from what I heard he liked to do), but I’ve come to realize that in the last string of Raws and SmackDown!s that I’ve managed to seen, he’s always wrestling on both of them.

On that same string, John Cena is only on Raw. The most he ever shows on SmackDown! is on a Raw replay.

I might have to offer some long overdue props to one Mr. Orton.

There. Now you know what WWE Brawl would have been like.

Hey, look, now MY Dash did a thing.